I sell my jewellery directly to clients either at trunk shows, Lopez Island Farmers Market
or at open house events at my home in Seattle, WA.
You may also contact me directly to buy a piece you have seen online
(email to check availability) and then place an order.
For a calendar of events where I'll be showing in person, please click this link to my Calendar.
If you would like to be placed on my mailing list for open house invitations, please email me .
You can also keep up-to-date with events & new pieces
by 'liking' my facebook page.


I feel that purchasing artisan jewelry is very personal.
My clients enjoy selecting a piece of my jewellery as a treasured treat to wear or as a wonderful gift for someone dear to them.
They love that they are able to give something made by hand instead of a mass produced item and also enjoy the flexibility to work with me
to customize an inscribed charm or request colors. These are the reasons I am available to work personally with you to give you the best experience.


E-mail me directly to place your order
or check availability and discuss
your selection as well as your preferred shipping option.

I mail via USPS First Class with a
Delivery Confirmation number.
If your mailbox isn't secure
and you would like it sent insured
with signature required,
I am happy to accommodate.


E-Mail Subject Line:


If you are purchasing something immediately available:

Simply include your shipping information
and phone number in your email
I will confirm your order.


If you have any questions about size, please inquire before you order. I can even take a quick photo wearing the piece and
email you the photo if you need to have a better idea of the actual size so that you are happy when you receive your order.


I will invoice you via email through my Square app so that you can pay
securely through the link provided. Square processes Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover cards and debit cards.

Each piece is created to order,
I will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete your project. If you need something quickly, let me know your timeframe
and I will be happy to work with you. Once it is complete, I will email you a photo of the finished piece for your approval,
and once I confirm with you, I will invoice you via email through my Square app so that you can pay securely through the link provided.
Once your piece(s) are mailed, I will email you a copy of your tracking information.

I personally create
all of my pieces,
and all sales are final.
If you need something resized, I am happy to provide that service so that you are happy with your purchase.
You may exchange a piece for credit toward another purchase.
Guidelines for exchange: you must contact me via email to request an exchange, and ship the item within 14 days
from date of purchase. No exceptions. Item must be returned in original condition or else a 50% fee will apply.
I reserve the right to refuse any return that is not in resale condition. Credit for returned merchandise will be extended for one year
from date of original purchase. Shipping cost is non-refundable. If there is a return due to my error, shipping charges will be refunded

I am happy to work with you
to create custom pieces.
Above is a sterling baby bracelet
with a hand-inscribed charm.
Each year, this lucky little girl
receives a new charm
with gemstone for her
birthday from her aunt !
~My pieces are buffed to shine - and packed in tarnish-preventative tissue ~
When the time comes to clean your piece...don't worry, it's Simple !
Use a liquid silver cleaner (I use Tarn-X)
and simply apply the Tarn-X to the
silver and then rinse.... do not soak it -
it is not necessary.Tarn-X cleans tarnish on contact !!
Tarn-X is available at most grocery and drug stores in the cleaning aisle.

Take note of the condition your piece is in from time to time
so that it does not become too tarnished/blackened.
If you know you are not going
to wear a piece for a while
(perhaps it is a special occasion piece)
store it with it's tarnish-preventative tissue and seal in a Zip-Lock Bag to
keep the air out ~ it will stay shiny for months and months this way !
Do not attempt to use
a paste cleaner !!!!!!!
I have so many swirls and curls in my work that it's hard
to get that type of cleaner out!!
If you have porous materials in your piece, like Coral or Pearls,
don't soak in Tarn-X ! It will dull their finish ~ I use a cotton swab soaked in the cleaner
and dab onto the silver, then rinse in water thoroughly...
this just takes a few moments !!
if you have a piece that is all silver or
has glass, gemstones or crystal,
then just dip the piece to be
cleaned in your jewellery cleaner

rinse in cool, running water to
thoroughly remove cleaner
& blot dry with a soft towel !

If you are nervous about cleaning anything,
feel free to mail or bring your
pieces over and I will
happily clean them for you !!


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Here's a handy conversion chart
so you can get a better idea
of my bead/pearl sizes

~ Argentium Sterling ~

I use Argentium sterling in my pieces to make it easier on my clients !
While this material still contains the 92.5% fine silver legally required
for sterling, Argentium replaces 1 % of the normal copper content with
germanium, which significantly alters the alloy's properties ~
What does this mean for you ??
This makes the material more resistant to dents, scratches and abraisions ~
To clean it, all you need to do is wipe a cloth over it to shine it... the resistance
to tarnishing actually increases over time as the germanium atoms migrate to the surface
which allows the protective germanium oxide layer to regenerate !! ~

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Customers frequently ask about Dichroic Glass ... it is glass in which quartz crystal
and metal oxides are deposited by a vacuum method in multiple layers over the surface in a crystalline structure.
This makes the transmitted colors different when viewed at various angles...
it reflects more than one color. It was originally invented for the aerospace industry
and has gained popularity in jewellery designs because of it's glittering sparkle and unbelievable depth of color.


~ Important information about lampwork glass beads !! ~

The variety of artist-made beads I use in some of my work are made from various types of glass,
all fully annealed for durability, however, they do NOT have "bounce-ability"!

ANY flame worked glass is still GLASS, and as such does not have the molecular makeup
to withstand sudden shocks. Even a drop of a few inches onto a hard surface
or sudden change of extreme temperature can set up stress factors inside the bead
which could result in a fracture or break right then or later on.
When treated gently and with respect, these beads have the quality to become heirlooms.

Always handle with care, keep away from children and be careful putting on jewels over hard/tile floors !!


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