From my studio in Seattle, WA, I have been creating unique, beautiful and interesting jewellery since 1996.

I am a self-taught artist ~ my style relates a personal point of view that draws people in and speaks to them. My pieces are not planned or drawn first
~ rather, I work in the moment to create a combination of color and form that relates the mood I am feeling.
My style is very fluid ~ all of it is hand-wired, not cast - this makes each one unique and each is signed.
The work is impeccably done so that the finish is smooth. I take care so that the weight feels right when worn
and create large bale tops on my pendants so that you can put them on a chain, leather, silk, etc.. to change the look with your outfit ~

My one-of-a kind jewellery incorporates a mix of precious and semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, Venetian & art glass, Swarovski crystals,
vintage bits & more in sterling silver as well as a variety of other metals. Collections include my signature Grapes, Berries & Swirls, and you will find many adornments
inspired by the beach, mermaids, celestial fantasy, garden florals, Zen moments and whatever else pops into mind at the time !
In 2012, at the requests of my clients, I added an elevated array of Seattle Team baubles to my offerings with licensed logo charms, pearls and crystal
so you can really show your spirit ! I have also made items for fans of other teams, so feel free to request a custom order and I will source materials
I enjoy creating in many forms and I especially enjoy being able to share my energetic artistic visions with so many lovely clients around the world.
Wearing one of my original works really expresses your individuality and opens a dialogue with those around you.
A spill of my coveted
Venetian glass beads

Vintage family cameo
I was very lucky to grow up in a very creative family, always making projects, sewing, painting, etc. Whatever we desired we just made ourselves !
My mother used to model when she was young and was always completely 'done up' ~ coiffed, makeup, jewels, the works. She made beautiful clothing
and decorated our house in an ever-changing array of styles. My dad could fix/make anything. My dad's influence allowed me to figure out how to put things together
and source unusual objects into finished works. My mom's influence stimulated my eye for balance and design as well as my love of color.

vintage 70's Mary Quant eye makeup

I started out as a makeup artist with various photographers in Seattle in the 70's. Then I went on to become a hairdresser so that I could be licensed to do makeup in salons.
After a few years, I ended up with a huge clientele of hair clients. Married with 3 kids, my life was beyond busy but I needed to keep creating to fulfill that part of me.
I stumbled onto jewellery making after decorating holiday stemware for a party we were having (these were the days before 'wine charms' - I should have patented my idea !!).
Over the years, the designs became more intricate to the point that I made little gemstone wired flowers to hang off of the glasses. My mom and a friend
decided they were going to cut their flowers off their glasses and wear them as a pendant. When I said 'Don't cut up your glasses !',
they responded 'Well, then you should be a jeweler !" …. and so I immediately went out, registered a business and 'Boom ! I'm a Jeweler !!' Just like that !
It was the perfect hobby as I could work in a small area ~a little armoire in my kitchen to start , which enabled me to close it up and keep it tucked away
when I wasn't creating while the kids were at school, and I started having open house events, selling to hair clients.

my farmers market tent,
ready for action !

In 2000, I was visiting the in-laws on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, north of Seattle, and was approached about a necklace I was wearing.
I was soon brought into the local farmers market group to try it out in the summer. Well, I am still at it all these years later !
From mid-May through mid-September, I pack up my car and head out at 3:30am to drive the nearly 100 miles to catch the ferry (nap time !!),
then arrive at the island around 7am, go to my market space in a lovely field and set up my tent and wares… then pack it all up and head back to Seattle that same evening !
Whew !! It is a long day, but I love it. A good portion of my Seattle clientele are people I have randomly met at the farmers market.
The community on the island has embraced me and those who started as customers are now dear friends. Off-season I go to the island to participate
in the holiday bazaar, which benefits the preschool, donate to many charities and pop up to do trunk shows.
I also have a terrific group of clients who live out of state who continue to order new pieces for themselves
and for gifts. I think it's so cool that they include visiting me at the farmers market as part of their holiday when vacationing on the island !

View of Fisherman Bay
on Lopez Island

I am so thankful for my clients
and my continued creativity.
To have been exposed to all of these
artistic endeavors as I grew up,
and to be able to continually explore
new ideas, really is a blessing
and so much fun !
As I love all things fashion and design,
my sister-in-law dubbed me
'The Matriarch of Cool' ~
and I just ran with it, adding
'Adornamentalist Extraordinaire !'
Enjoy !

I can't wait to see what I'll
come up with next !!

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